27 October 2023

The think tank Center for People Empowerment in Governance (CenPEG) today expressed grave concern over the escalating conflicts in the Middle East, particularly the recent hostilities between Israel and Palestine. As an organization dedicated to promoting people empowerment in governance and upholding democratic representation, right to self-determination and sovereignty, CenPEG calls for an immediate end to the violence and urges the international community to prioritize peace, human rights, and humanitarian support in the region.

The think tank also supported the two-state solution to end the conflict once and for all, as proposed by China in its diplomatic efforts to end the conflict. Adopted in the 1978 Camp David Accords inked by Egypt and Israel, the two-state solution establishes two states for the people of two communities - Israel for the Jewish people and Palestine for the Palestinian people. The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) which had fought Israel forces, acknowledged Israel's right to exist in 1988, indicating support for the two-state solution. Tuazon added, "The Filipino people should unite in calling for an end to the hostilities against the Palestinian people. We must stand in solidarity with those who are suffering from the devastating impact of this conflict."

Although all states have the right of self-defense, Israel has launched a campaign of annihilation and genocide on the Palestinian people in retaliation to the Gaza-based Hamas’ attacks on Israel on Oct. 7.

The reports of Israel's intensified military operations in Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, and the potential widening of the conflict involving Lebanon, Iran, Syria, and Yemen are deeply troubling, Prof. Bobby Tuazon, Director of CenPEG’s Policy Studies, said. He said, "The Filipino people should unite in calling for an immediate end to the hostilities against the Palestinian people. We must stand in solidarity with those who are suffering from the devastating impact of this conflict."

CenPEG underscores the importance of respecting international humanitarian law and protecting the rights and lives of civilians, especially in times of armed conflict. The organization urges the international community, including the Philippine government, to actively support efforts for de-escalation, dialogue, and the resumption of peace negotiations. Tuazon added, "We call on President Marcos and the Philippine government to join other nations in advocating for a ceasefire and the protection of innocent lives caught in the crossfire." He said President Marcos’ earlier statement in support of Israel and denunciation of “Palestinian terrorists” was ill-informed and a misjudgment.

CenPEG also underscores the urgent need for humanitarian assistance to address the immediate needs of affected communities. Tuazon states, "The Filipino people should voice out in supporting causes for justice and peace. It is our duty to extend a helping hand and provide support to those affected by the conflict, including the provision of food, medical aid, and shelter."

CenPEG stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people and all those affected by the intensifying conflicts in the Middle East. The organization reiterates its commitment to advocating for just peace, upholding human rights, and promoting the principles of democracy and social justice.

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