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A PUBLIC POLICY CENTER - The Center for People Empowerment in Governance (CenPEG) is a public policy center founded shortly before the may 2004 elections to -

CenPEG STANDS FOR: A Pro-People Governance - A governance that is pro-people and democratic, where the poor are empowered and are the real source of sovereign authority; are active leaders and actors in society and government.

MISSION: The People as Policy - and Decision-Makers

  • To bring the hitherto marginalized sectors into active participation in decision and policy making in government especially on issues and programs affecting their rights and well-being
  • To put the people's agenda promoting the democratic rights and interests of marginal sectors at the core of government policies and programs.


Policy Study, Publication, and Advocacy (PSPA)

  • Research and policy study;
  • Issue analyses, political briefing papers, and policy proposals for Congress and other policy-making groups;
  • Conferences, round-table discussions, seminars, workshops, and other forums; and
  • Citizens' alliances and networks

Education and Training (EDTRA)

  • To increase the awareness and capabilities of marginalized people, their organizations, as well as local government units (LGUs) in democratic governance;
  • Training of facilitators and trainers on CenPEG's various concerns to promote political and electoral reforms.

EDTRA promotes

  • Election watch - "Bantay Balota" and Poll Watch;
  • Dapat Tapat - A movement against corruption;
  • Volunteers Integration Program (VIP) - A yearly summer practical learning and exposure program for university students; with academic credits.


  • Political analysts; public policy experts; scholars in culture, arts, history, and sciences; leaders from people's organizations; and academic scholars


  • Online publications: www.cenpeg.org and www.eu-cenpeg.com
  • Political analysis for the Philippine and foreign press


  • VIP is a yearly summer practical learning and exposure program on youth leadership, political and electoral education, governance, and grassroots empowerment; with college academic credits.


  • Temario Rivera, PhD, Chair
  • Prof. Roland Simbulan, Vice-Chair
  • Natalie V. Pulvinar (Executive Director)
  • Maragtas S.V. Amante (Board Secretary)
  • Ms. Evi-ta Jimenez
  • Felix Muga II, PhD
  • Prof. Bobby Tuazon
  • Dr. Susan Balingit
  • Hector A. Barrios
  • Victor David
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