The May 10, 2004 Elections
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SUBVERTING"PEOPLE power" as a term entered the vocabulary of organizing after EDSA I in 1986. for indeed, the anti-dictatorship struggle that finally drove the Marcos regime out of the country was a compelling demonstration of power by people coming together to bring down a widely despised political leader. For that same power to be demonstrated in actual governance has yet to happen, however. Election year after election year raises hopes that the Filipino people's participation in political power would go beyond the ballot. But after each election has installed winners in power, governance continues to be in the hands of the socio-political elite from which the executive, legislative and judiciary branches of government by tradition draw their brainpower.

The Center for People Empowerment in Governance (CenPEG) was born in March 2004, shortly before the national elections in May. What makes CenPEG's mission significant is that the power it seeks for the people is in the area of governance. Towards this end, it engages in policy studies and research, education and training aimed at securing political and electoral reforms that would bring hitherto marginalized sectors into active participation in defining and shaping the destiny of this nation.

Subverting the People's Will: The May 2004 Elections is the first project that brings to the consciousness of the public the concerns and long-term goals of CenPEG as an institution. The papers that went into the book focus on the multifarious forces that bear down on the Filipino people whenever they assert their power at the polls. CenPEG hopes in humility that its first book will not simply introduce the institution but will also inspire individuals from various sectors and professions to join their talents and skills to CenPEG's effort to give substance to the concept of "people empowerment."


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