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By Roland G. Simbulan

If a smart bomb could think
will a drone ask why it has become 
America's deadliest, lethal
global fighting machine?

If a drone could think
will it ask why it disrespects sovereignty
and spies, maims and kills foreign citizens
thousands of miles away?

Will a drone be afraid
why it is called the scariest 
of names: Switchblade
Predator, Avenger, Reaper?

If a drone could think
will it ask why its controllers
direct it to bomb other nations for 'justice'
and other bombs are 'terrorist acts'?

Will a drone wonder why
it is made to trigger
undeclared wars and conflicts
thru borderless offensive operations?

If a drone could choose
would it refuse to deliver
death from the sky that scatter
the flesh and blood of the innocents?

If a drone could choose
would it still disperse deadly pellets
that cause extensive damage
and rain death on helpless children?

If a drone could think
would it rather spy on corrupt tyrants
supported by U.S. dollars
and cease terrorizing foreign lands?

If a drone could think
would it transform itself into social programs
instead of being a part for space-directed wars
that create more hatreds and sufferings in the world?

But a drone is a machine 
and it is in the hands of humans
who think and choose
to regenerate their evil kind.


Quezon City,
August 3, 2013


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